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OOC Information:

Name: Gail
Are you over 15? Yes
Contact: cacopheny @ gmail . com

IC Information:

Name: Arhu / Gomez Adams (Gogo)
Canon: Book of Night with Moon
Age: 8 months / 5 months

Preincarnation Appearance:
Arhu is a small, half-grown cat of the coloration known among the People as “hu-rhiw”, or “day and night”. He is mostly black with a white underside, legs, and face-- with a black blotch like a mustache under his nose, black tips to his ears and tail, and black paws on three of his four feet. His eyes are a mellow gold, belying the sharp mind behind them. His ears are over-large for the size of his head, making him look even younger and more kitten-ish than he is, which takes some doing, given how young and kitten-ish he looks in general. Also, he is often more than a little dirty, living half-wild and “denning” at a car garage rather than in someone’s house.

Any differences:
In this life, Arhu has patches of gray-brown tabby instead of patches of black, in mostly the same places. The mustache patch is still in place. His eyes are pale green rather than gold, and he definitely retains the over-sized ears.

Preincarnated History:
Arhu’s life started off badly. He and his littermates were taken from his mother early, perhaps as young as only four weeks. They were wrapped in a garbage bag, taken away by bus, and dumped in a cold pond, where they all started to slowly drown, climbing on top of each other in desperation. Arhu was the last one, and after hearing all his siblings “bubble” as they died, including his twin sister Sif (“she had my spots,” he thought despairingly when she died), he was prepared to die, too. However, a passing human rescued him and took him to the shelter where they cleaned him up and fed him, at last. He was adopted out shortly enough and was almost happy, but the smell and enclosed space of the litter box kept making him relive the near-drowning experience so he wound up using other places around the apartment. That was too hard on the woman who had adopted him, and once he was old enough to survive on his own, she took him away and abandoned him in the streets of New York City. For several months he lived on his own on the streets, scrounging for thrown-away food from dumpsters and getting beat up by local feline gangs.

All that changed when he heard the voice of the Whisperer, the goddess Hrau’f and the feline mythology incarnation of the Power or deity that governs wizardry, give him his Oath of Wizardry. Then another voice, it’s unknown just which one it was, dared him to go down into the New York subway near Grand Central station and showed him how to get through a locked door to do it. Down there, a worldgate opened, spewing forth rats and a monstrous dinosaur who tried, and failed, to kill Arhu. That was where the all-feline gate maintenance team-- Rhiow, Saash, and Urruah-- found him the next morning.

From there, they healed him, fed him, and started to teach him about their jobs while in the middle of a major magical intervention, themselves. The motto for wizards is, after all, “if you found it, that means the Powers think you’re best equipped to handle it”. He was a wizard on Ordeal, a dangerous thing for everybody, and worse, halfway through, he picked up the Sight and began to see glimpses of the future, the present, and the past, all jumbled up. Some small things he could work with-- learning to duck a swat or Seeing ahead of time that someone would stumble-- but others he has yet to get a handle on. The Ordeal, and the current intervention, took the whole team to another reality called the Old Downside to re-enact the tale of the cat creator goddess Iau striving against her daughter, the Old Serpent, the Lone Power that brought death and entropy into the universe. At the same time, they freed the surviving race of dinosaurs from the Old Serpent’s slavery, and ushered in the first saurian wizard. Arhu got to play the part of sa’Rahh, turning briefly into a queen (a female cat) to do so-- to his dismay, and his teammates’ amusement.

Life didn’t slow down after that. Not much more than a month later, while they were still getting used to each other as a team, they were sent to London to handle the problems of the London worldgate maintenance team, who had a gate that kept turning into a timeslide, a kind of portal into the past-- and/or into alternate universes in the past. It created an alternate timeline when an advanced physics book was left behind, an alternate timeline that threatened to destroy their own.

Between Arhu’s gift for Sight and his rediscovered sister (now on her second life, as the People get nine of them, and named Siffha’ah, or “Sif, again”) and her gift for fueling spells with nothing but raw power and determination, the two teams foiled an assassination attempt on Queen Victoria in the past, prevented the alternate timeline from taking over and destroying humanity in a nuclear winter, and destroyed the Lone Power’s current avatar, a tainted member of the London gating team. Arhu convinced Siffha’ah to forgive him for accidentally killing her in her previous life by showing her the moment of their deaths, and that the Lone Power had planned their deaths-- and if It couldn’t have both of them, it destroyed Sif, the “doer”, instead of Arhu, the “seer”, as the more powerful and dangerous one. Siffa’ah’s anger at what the Lone Power did to her brother finally got them past the Lone Power’s block and into the right timeline to do what had to be done.

Reincarnated History
This particular kitten was born with three other kittens to a homeless mother cat in Locke City. His first three months were spent in an alley behind a McDonalds, where food was plentiful enough that he and his siblings were relatively well fed and healthy, if infested with fleas. Their mother fought off an angry tom once, and a couple dogs, to keep her kittens under the dumpster safe. The nameless boy-kitten even tried his claw at chasing another cat off, but wound up getting his ears bitten in the process until his dam showed up to help.

All five of them were picked up by a local cat rescue organization a couple days before his third month birthday, and while the mother never really took to the humans who fed her and cleaned her up and spayed her, the kittens were still young enough to be socialized and were one by one adopted out, while she was released out into the wild again unable to have kittens ever again. This one was the last, and when he was finally taken away, he felt a strange heartbeat sort of sensation inside him, and from then on he was smarter than your average cat.

Not that it showed, really, since he couldn’t communicate. But his curiosity and ingenuity allowed him to escape now and then. For the most part, though, he’s happy in his new home, is slowly growing more attached to one of the humans there, and has lived there now for almost two months. It’s “home” now.

First Echo:
Sentience came about when he was twelve weeks old, when he, the last of his litter left at the cat rescue, was finally adopted and taken home to live in an apartment much like the one he’d lived in briefly in his past life. He didn’t make much of it, since he couldn’t understand human speech yet, and he honestly assumed most cats were the same as him-- probably because in his home world, they are.

A second Echo, when he got out once about a week ago and wound up chased back towards his apartment complex by a few feral cats, gave him the basics of Hauhai, the wizardly all-language that allows for understanding between species. This Echo is not complete, and his understanding (and ability to be understood) comes in fits and starts, plus his vocabulary is severely limited and includes neither the written forms of the Speech nor the wizardly vocabulary needed to work spells. It’s only good for communication, and only haltingly at that.

Preincarnation Personality:
In many ways, in his canon, Arhu is a typical teenager, even if he does happen to be feline: he has problems with authority, he hates to be bored, he hates routine, and he tends to look for things that are fun more than things that are responsible. He tends towards swift mood swings, going from cheerful to annoyed to embarrassed at a moment’s notice, with prickly pride when it comes to making mistakes. He takes an attitude with anyone he doesn’t respect-- which is a lot of people and People-- and gets easily frustrated with stupid people who can’t keep up with him. When it comes to food, he’s downright shameless, and will both steal and beg to get the stuff he particularly likes.

His life started off poorly, between near-death, repeated abandonment, and constant danger from older cats. It didn’t improve until he was thrown on the mercy of a wizardly gating team, all felines, and that engendered a lot of suspicion in him when it comes to others’ motives. When he started to learn to trust and was given leave to actually act his age instead of having to act tough all the time, just to get by in life, he showed a lively energy and near-constant level of excitement with everything. It doesn’t take much to throw him back into suspicion and a hiss or a growl, but he’s slowly learning how to be polite with strangers and not expect the worst of them.

Curiosity is one of his strongest character traits, strong even for a cat for whom curiosity is already a major characteristic. It’s the one that got him into wizardry to begin with, and it’s the one that, coupled with his equally strong personal stubbornness, caused his gift for seeing the future (and the past, and the present, and what might be, and what might not be, and...). His mentor and team leader described it as his stubborn curiosity wearing away at the fabric of reality which, combined with a suggested change to his wizardly name-slash-description from the Power that governs wizardry, opened up enough to show him what he wanted to see-- and then some.

That gift for Sight, combined with his Oath for wizardry, is what separates him from any other adolescent of any species. It gives him a more distracted aire, but also a more solemn one, because he’s seen and fought against evil, and knows better than to cause harm on his own when he can avoid it. Being a visionary of the supernatural sense is more of a burden than a gift, particularly the way he gets it: most of the time, it’s like being dumped into the middle of a whirlpool of images and feelings, being submerged for a moment in the goddess Iau’s vision of the universe. In that instant, it makes sense, but as soon as the instant is over, the context is lost and it’s just a flood of potential futures and myriad pasts. Every now and then, he acts as a mouthpiece for the Powers, but on the whole it’s just trying to make sense of confusion. It makes him frustrated, but since he knows how important anything he is shown might be, it also makes him more serious, because he’s seen more things than most cats his age would have even imagined.

Any differences:
# Tame: This version of Arhu is more tame than he was in his previous life, having spent more of it in the company of humans, and less of it being abandoned by humans.
# Ehhif: While Arhu’s previous home was with humans at a mechanic’s shop, he didn’t really have “a human”, or in Ailurin (feline language), an “ehhif” who is specifically his. Here he does, and he loves his human quite a bit. It also makes him more friendly with other humans, a good thing given the network is mainly populated by them.
# Power: This Arhu has none of the power he had in his previous life: no wizardry, no Sight, and precious little experience fending for himself with his claws and teeth. His kittenhood might not have started with the indoors life, but now he’s an indoor housecat who only slips out now and then to explore, and that makes him a softer personality in general, and one for whom danger is a little more frightening.
# Fixed: Nearly all rescue organizations these days neuter their cats before they’re adopted out, and Arhu was no exception. Unlike in his previous life, where female cats were just starting to get interesting and fighting with other toms had always been a point of contention inside his team, he doesn’t have quite the same focus on either that he had there.

# Hauhai, the Speech: As a wizard, Arhu has access to the Speech or Hauhai, which is an over-arching language that all species and even most inanimate objects understand. This is the language spells are cast in, and can be both spoken and written. Using this language can be dangerous, as speaking it is pure truth, and can change reality-- or the speaker. Writing one’s own name in a different way in a spell designation changes the self, usually not for the better. This also means a wizard using the Speech can never lie. Most immediately, it gives him the ability to understand all languages, and be understood when he uses it. Later on, it will give him the ability to cast spells, influence physical and biological systems, and manipulate inanimate objects-- and walk through inanimate objects. He’ll be looking forward to getting that one back.
# Sidling: Wizards, and even some few non-wizardly cats, in Arhu’s home universe have the ability to move into a dimension slightly removed from reality, in which the cat is invisible but still can see and interact with the real world. This is also the dimension where hyperstrings and pure wizardly powers are visible and mutable, where he can access dimensional portals, should any exist, and play with inter-dimensional power sources.
# The Whispering: All feline wizards can call to the goddess Hrau’f and receive advice, help with building spells, and warnings of when they’re needed-- provided she feels like it and thinks it’s necessary, anyway. Like all cats, she isn’t always available and usually prefers you sort things out on your own if you can, but if you really need something or she has a job for you, you’ll know it. Arhu isn’t very familiar with her yet, but he knows who she is and how to learn spells from her. For human wizards, this manifests as the Manual.
# The Sight: On top of his wizardry, Arhu is also a visionary. The power is uncontrolled and, until he gets much older and more experienced, also uncontrollable. He can try to See, and he can sometimes make sense of the things he does See, but mostly it’s random and unhelpful or at the least difficult to understand. It drops on him suddenly and without warning, flooding him with images from multiple timelines and strands of possibility, things that might be, things that could be, things that will be-- as well as things that never happened but could have, things that happened for sure, and things that are happening right then and there.
# Reincarnation: The feline afterlife occurs only after the ninth life ends. Until then, the soul is reborn after a period of months, weeks, or even days into a new kitten body. A cat remembers his previous lives, in a vague and slightly detached kind of way, and can in fact meet up with cats from previous lives in the new one, though not all of them want to. Arhu is currently on his first life.
# Feline Nature: As Arhu is a cat, he has the senses of a cat: he can see in the dark, he can follow scent trails, he can hear acutely. This also means he has trouble focusing on flat images and computer screens, after a fashion, which can make life difficult for a kitty on a network, but he’s gonna do his best. He also requires more sleep than humans do, so don’t expect him to be out and about quite as much as the other kids. Also, on the offensive side, he’s pointy on five of his six ends, if rather small, and his bite is pretty likely to cause infection.

Roleplay Sample – Third Person:

Meeting another sentient cat in the rainy streets.

Roleplay Sample - Network:

[Bet you didn’t expect to see a big-eared white-and-tabby kitten poking a face into the laptop camera, did you? But here’s one, and if a kitten might look frustrated, this one looks frustrated. His ears are turned back, and his eyes are narrowed, as if he’s either angry with the screen, or having a hard time seeing it. Maybe both.

After a moment of his jaw working just a little-- perhaps speaking too softly for anyone to actually hear, or perhaps just trying to come up with the words to say-- he finally speaks.]

What is this? This is-- is-- sshai-sau!

[Okay, whatever that word was, it was definitely not in English. Also, it’s a little softer than the rest, sounding more like a hiss than a word. He turns back his ears further, more frustrated and a little embarrassed, and tries again.]

Crazy. This is crazy. Who are all you ehhif? How come there are no People on here? Where did that long thing in my head come from?

[Apparently he doesn’t have the “English” word for number yet, but apparently he can at least match up symbols on the keyboard with the ones in his head. The last thing he says before waiting for a response sounds a little desperate:]

And how come I can ueeur ffroouaaou’hhu? I mean-- understand you?

Any Questions?
Nup. So long as the two echoes is okay for an animal character :) As a note, he doesn't have a name yet in this incarnation because he doesn't have an owner yet. If I can find a PC to have him in their house, I'll work out a name with them. If I can't, I'll plop him in an NPC house and add a name to the application and info page after the fact!
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