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2013-05-14 07:03 pm
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Save the Earth: Info Post

Name: Gomez Addams (nicknamed "Gogo")
Reincarnation Of: Arhu
Canon: The Book of Night With Moon
Age: 8 months / 5 months (at application time) / 5 months (currently)
Appearance: A small white-and-tabby kitten, short-haired, with pale green eyes and oversized ears. The tabby patches are gray-brown with black stripes, and show up in the same places as the black patches in his icons.
Current Occupation: Housecat
Current Owner: Alexander

Full Application: Wizard kitten in Locke City.

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2013-05-12 06:12 pm

Save the Earth: Application

OOC Information:

Name: Gail
Are you over 15? Yes
Contact: cacopheny @ gmail . com

IC Information:

Name: Arhu / Gomez Adams (Gogo)
Canon: Book of Night with Moon
Age: 8 months / 5 months

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