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Name: Gomez Addams (nicknamed "Gogo")
Reincarnation Of: Arhu
Canon: The Book of Night With Moon
Age: 8 months / 5 months (at application time) / 5 months (currently)
Appearance: A small white-and-tabby kitten, short-haired, with pale green eyes and oversized ears. The tabby patches are gray-brown with black stripes, and show up in the same places as the black patches in his icons.
Current Occupation: Housecat
Current Owner: Alexander

Full Application: Wizard kitten in Locke City.

# Sentience: Sentience came about when he was twelve weeks old, when he, the last of his litter left at the cat rescue, was finally adopted and taken home to live in an apartment much like the one he’d lived in briefly in his past life. He didn’t make much of it, since he couldn’t understand human speech yet, and he honestly assumed most cats were the same as him-- probably because in his home world, they are.
# Hauhai: A second Echo, when he got out once about a week before his entry into the network (early May) and wound up chased back towards his apartment complex by a few feral cats, gave him the starting basics of Hauhai, the wizardly all-language that allows for understanding between species.
# Sidling: The ability to slip into a closely related plane and become invisible and untrackable, brought on by hearing the Sage of the Earth speak.
# The Sixth Claw: Brought on by being attacked underground, the memory of his first encounter with the Sixth Claw, a tyrannosaur mage. The memory begins with the opening of the subway Worldgate, encompasses being attacked by a flood of rats, and ends when he passes out from fear and pain.
# Air-Walking: Reminded by Mamoru/Ichigo walking on air, he sees the memory of a black cat showing him how to do the same thing off the edge of a building. He knows there's words involved somehow, "telling" the air what to do, but not what they are. Though there's a whole conversation and airwalking scene after that, he won't get any memory beyond the other cat starting that specific explanation and walking a few steps on solid air to demonstrate.

Returned Abilities:
# Hauhai: Speaking in Hauhai, or just "the Speech", gives him the ability to understand, and be understood by, anyone and anything. This is the spell language used by wizards on Arhu's version of Earth. This Echo is not complete, and his understanding (and ability to be understood) comes in fits and starts, plus his vocabulary is severely limited and includes neither the written forms of the Speech nor the wizardly vocabulary needed to work spells. It’s only good for communication, and only haltingly at that, though with practice he is improving.
# Sidling: Arhu can slip into a closely related plane where he can still see and interact with the physical world, but he is also "not there"-- functionally invisible and untrackable, but still physically touchable. There are hyperstrings in this alternate plane, physical expressions of magical power, but he can't see most of them.

May 2013
# May 18: 1st Vision [Video]: Arhu on the network for the first time
# May 22: 02 [ text & a small handmirror ]: Stella/Romsca introduces herself, and Arhu says hello
# May 27: [action]: Alex takes Arhu out for a walk and they meet a horse
# May 30: Adventure 02 | Various: Arthur keeps posting stuff. Arhu is less than enthusiastic.

June 2013
# June 5: [ action ] | OPEN: Arhu/Gomez begs Adrian/Alucard for ice cream
# June 5: 2nd Vision [Action]: Arhu/Gomez is out and about and getting stuck in trees
# June 11: [text; iphone]: Alex is typing, Gomez wants to know what he's typing about
# June 15: SAGE PARTY GO: The Sage speaks... and then dies, springing a trap for them
# June 17: [Video || Cat food tray]: Regina can talk now, so Gomez says hello
# June 19: 3rd Vision [Video/iPad, Wednesday morning]: Gomez asks about whether they're looking for that... jewel thing
# June 23: [Audio || Patch of ground]: Regina has left home, Gomez thinks she's crazy
# June 24: 4th Vision [Action/Closed] Backdated to 6/24: Cat heist!
# June 25: if at first you don't succeed: Mamoru is practicing airwalking
# June 27: [Text | Computer]: Gomez and Alex's other roommate joins the network


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